Toughest Gothenburg

5 in the morning Saturday the 7th of October and it´s time to get up make coffee and head up to Gothenburg for Toughest and the second last race of the year. Almost first on the evet place and time to look around the obstacles nearby. Running with the team today (MIT Toughteam), and ready to have fun… but I’m not really up to the race today … it´s cold, windy and clouds on the sky, and the feeling I had in Copenhagen last Saturday is just not there! On the start line with the team the music is pumping and Wally is shouting out loud in the “mike” getting MIT ready to go … 5,4,3,2,1 go !! And we are of….. I Knew before I ran this race that Gothenburg was known for mud and woods! But this tough and rough terrain got me hard. The first mud pit I tripped and fall under deep muddy water! And this meant that short time after we got in to the woods and trails were I had trouble running and getting warm in the cold wind! I struggled up high hill and down thinking “I Hate Gothenburg” Cold and weak in my mind I had trouble with the most basic obstacles along the way and had to do penalty round on the rings!! The rings I’ll never have to train or think about! But I fail 2 times on Fastlane and on time on regular rings, so I had to go way in to the muddy woods for a hard and tough penalty round. I had to fight my way all around the course cold and mentally challenged and not being able to do what I normally do …. Rely on my upper body strength! Finally I see the sign whit ramp coming up and thinking “yes my suffering is over” I see the penalty round for this is more wood and more mud! And I’m not prepared to take one more step than I have to on my way to the finish line!! I get up next to the ramp with mud almost up to my knees, and to my big surprise I see that for the first time ever there is ropes hanging down the ramp because of all the mud. I take my first go at it but slips and fail! Now I know why the ropes are here! It’s so slippery that no one is getting up! I try to climb on my knees up but fail again. No a fellow OCR runner helps me up and on to the rope… no I’m up and over! This is over I’m over the finish line cold and worn out … Took me several hours to get warm and the smile back on my face … and thinking fuck Las Vegas is in 4,5 weeks and I have a hurting leg and a holster for my prosthetic leg that doesn’t fit! So little time to go! But Toughest delivers a great race again and it was as the name Toughest! And the Toughest I’ll ever did. So the race gets 5 out of 5 and the toughness 10 out of 5!

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