Merry Christmas And Copenhagen Marathon

Almost Christmas and next year’s plans are so exciting! I have revealed one on social media yesterday. In cooperation with Fundracer´s I will run Copenhagen Marathon the 13th of May to collect money for the child cancer foundation in Denmark. I’m horned to get to participate in this and do a difference in this great cause, and this will be a big challenge for me! I’ve never thought that I should/would run a marathon, because of the pressure on my stump and the hard effort! I actually thought that it was the half distance I signed up for, but to my surprise it was the 42km instead! But I’m not backing down for this challenge and the chance to do a difference. I will start up a new 18 weeks running program in week 2 to get ready for this big event. At the moment I’m still resting and recovering from World Toughest Mudder in Vegas in November. Merry Christmas and I hope you will donate something for this great cause in this link bellow. Link to the collection will go directly to the cancer foundation.

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