2018 update towards season start

Started January op with almost 40 degrees fever the first week! So I started on my new running program towards CPH Marathon the 13th of May. Summary of running in January was my far best ever as an amputee when I look at distance in training. But again in week 3 I caught a cold that sucked out all my energy! I always say that a cold is not being sick, but this time I have to say that I had to take a 1,5 weeks break from running. But the charm of running in the woods in the dark is that you are all alone with the nature. The charm was not so grateful when I had a close encounter with a wild boar in the dark! But the positive effect on that was I ran much quicker on the way back to my car. January was also a month I can call me Toughest Certified Trainer after completing this OCR instructor education. This is my second OCR Coach education and it gives me a lot in my own training and in the way I pass on knowledge to the people I coach. I’m tiring the last nuts in what races I’ll be running this year and renewing with my partners in crime. And I’m also looking at some new interesting possibilities for races in 2018. The races bookd is Tough Viking Gothenburg, Toughest Malmö, Copenhagen Marathon, Toughest Stockholm, European OCR Championships, Toughest Copenhagen and World Toughest Mudder and more to come. Soon The Rebook Crossfit Open is upon me, I signed up and will be ready once again this year to challenge my crossfit abilities. I don’t feel in the same shape for crossfit this year as I did last year but ill give it a go anyway. Stay tuned for more frequently updates.

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