Tough And Hard Start Of The Year

“Photo credit”Jessica Berguv”

To summon this year that in training term is to be summoned as a catastrophe!

With Reebok Crossfit Open upon me and Copenhagen Marathon in May upcoming I’m way behind km of running and times of Crossfit training. Starting with week 1 this year and down with the man-cold and 40 degrees fever!

Took me around week 3 to get over this and had one day were I felt on top again and the my sinuses just took over my head !!

this followed up by 10 days of heavy antibiotics and trouble with no training at all !! like I decided to rest totally to get it over! This didn’t help at all … so why rest? Why??

I´m so frustrated and feeling sick again! And today there is 2 months left to Copenhagen Marathon !

Well to talk about Reebok Crossfit Open in RX´d, I started out doing:


8 T2B

10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks

14 Cal Row

I did 200 reps.



Dumbbell squats and Bar-facing burpees for time: i did 9:28

Then 1 RM clean resulted in 155lb

Time cap: 12:00 minutes


2 rounds for time: I did 82 DU as in 82 reps

100 DU

20 OH Squats

100 DU 12 ring MU

100 DU

20 Dumbbell snatches100 DU

12 Bar MU

Time cap: 14 minutes Current status in my age group (40-44) with 2 rounds to go is: World 13960/28358 Europe: 739/1249 Sweden: 253/395.

Last year I ended Open with a status of 201 in Sweden with a better shape and was in good health! Now I’m chasing that on half power but 110 % willpower.

I hope soon to see the end of this “feeling shitty” and then I can start building up again.

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