The Season Is On

After a slow start the season is on! With a great deal of races coming up I’m forces to get in shape.

To start with this start of the year has had some illness with fever and other normal stuff. But the game is on and I did Crossfit Open with an acceptable result of no. 241 in Sweden, and advanced in Europe and the World from last year. I wanted to use Crossfit Open to get in shape and ready for both the OCR season and the upcoming Copenhagen Marathon the 13th of May.

Started out with Berzerk / Mudrun the 14th of April, running 12,5 km in well planned mud and hills on a motocross field in Helsingborg Sweden. Had fun with my OCR friends running this, in bright sun and getting some km in my legs.

This weekend I ran my first Tough Viking ever I Gothenburg, Sweden. More km in my legs and more great OCR friends out there to chat with, and having fun along the 8+ km 40 obstacle course. Personally I cleared all the obstacles except the ramp so I’m happy with that, but I am not a fan of the electric obstacle in the end ! it gave me an electric chock in my head.

Coming up Toughest in Malmö, Sweden the 5th of May running for Swedish veterans in 511 Tactical kilts. And that is one week before Copenhagen Marathon. At this stage I have only 79 km left then I have runned more km than last year already.

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