Current Update After Copenhagen Marathon And Nordic Race


Picture credit: Jens Petersen / @jensp77


It´s been a while since I made an update, and a lot has happened during last time.

Copenhagen Marathon the 5th of May was a scary challenge for me because it was unknown ground and something I always said that I wouldn’t try to do!

Arrived at the starting area almost 7 o’clock, getting ready to be on the starting line at 0930. The weather was pretty cold and because of the forecast (sun and hot weather) I had shorts and a tee on me! We were freezing and got plastic bags over our body´s to get warmer.

Luckily the sun came up and throwed it´s warm beams down on us in the starting area. And 0930 the start pistol sounded and my pulse went up directly! Adrenaline pumped through my veins and we all started on the 42,5 km on the streets of Copenhagen.

After 1-1,5 km I meet up with an old Navy colleague of mine that I haven’t seen since 2003, and he hooked up on my pace that was planned to 6-6:30 min/km. my plan was going well and Copenhagen showed itself from its best side.

Every water depot I had to stop and empty sweat out of my prosthetic liner because of the warm weather. And at the start this wasn’t an issue for me but when we got further it started to give me some issues!

At 17 km I had to do a longer stop to go on a mobile toilet and I passed my old Navy colleague on to the race…. At my stop I had to remove my prosthetic leg and liner to try to get it on in a way that I could keep moving on. After 250m my knee and ankle started to hurt bad and the prosthetic leg started to annoy me as well and then I had to start walking for a while.

After this I never came back to my pace or rhythm at all and after 21,5 km I was hurting bad. And at 25 km I had to drop out hurting overall. Got a bus back to the starting area to pick up my stuff and wait to get out to my car and back home.

Less than one week after Copenhagen Marathon I arrived a bit unmotivated to Nordic Race in Copenhagen at the beach. Unmotivated because it was my 5 race in 6 weeks and still not recovered from Copenhagen Marathon.

But with sore foot and a long wait in the sun to get my start number I meet up with the happy group of people I was running with. And after the first km my smile came on my face and had fun with great people and cleared the obstacles.

Now with the OCR European Championships coming up I’m getting back on track after resting a lot and mowing in to my new place. This took a lot of my time recently but feeling motivated and ready to train hard again to keep pushing forward.

see you in the mud.

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