World Toughest Mudder 2018

Time flies and today its 2 weeks after I got home from Atlanta and my second World Toughest Mudder. And now it’s time to sum the experience up.

And indeed it was a whole other experience from last year’s WTM in Las Vegas.

One thing is we were only 2 people traveling to Atlanta from Copenhagen, and we were not 5 Danes but only 3 Danes total in the race and tent.

When Michael and I got to Atlanta it was nice and warm compared to Denmark around 20 degrees Celsius and not 2 at home.

Thursday we were sightseeing in Atlanta in T-Shirts and it was warm, visiting the World of Coca Cola and eating good food. We supplied for WTM (World Toughest Mudder) in the nearest Wal-Mart. Most important step was to get the perfect tent for us to function in. Second all the food, drinks and hand warmers and of course all the energy products for the hole 24/h race.

Then after a day in Atlanta we got home to pack for the race and to eat a lot (bulking) for the race and getting ready to go out on the event site early Friday morning and be ready to get the perfect spot for our tent and our bib´s (race vest).

Friday morning we got picked up by the 3 Dane Danny and his father. Danny´s parents were going to be helpful in the tent for us all 3 racers. So we got out to the beautiful event site in pouring rain! Like the sky just opened out of nothing!

Michael got to check in quickly because he was a contender and not regular racer as Danny and me. That meant that he could get in early to choose a perfect spot for our tent.

The position of the tent is important because it saves time in and out of the pit. (the pit is the tent area were you also have medic tent and toilets).

Now everyone was soaked and looked like a wet dog. But back to the hotel to relax and out to get a lot of food to bulk up for the big showdown Saturday.

After getting food bombed and not being able to walk home, we started to pack our last gear for the race and our suitcases because we had to check out for 24 hours during the race.

Saturday morning down to get a solid breakfast and get our gear down to get picked up by Danny and his parents. And the big surprise for all racers was that the temperature had dropped down to under 5 degrees Celsius and it should keep on dropping, and some hard winds blowing in the open part of the areas.

After dividing the spaces in the tent and unpacking all the gear, it was time to decide which gear to put on for the first laps. I went with a shorty and the some Skins Thermal tights over that, and some thin gloves.

1120 and time to getter around for pep-talk, and the national anthem of USA. Time passed till 1200 and the start signal went of… the start was up a hill passing through a big A-Frame and  already I had to go to the little boys room, but I think when we got over the hill to the first trees, we were about 50 men standing there laughing about we all had to go.

First lap went smooth and it ids called a speed lap were the first obstacles opens after 1 hour. The heavy rain from yesterday had made it´s mark by all the mud all around.

I went into my tent to adjust my leg and dry my stump of from sweat, and to put it back on in a good way. A banana and something to drink was needed before I went out once more.

On round 2 more obstacles had opened and the fun began. And half way through the course almost on the way into a water obstacle, I bumped in to Michael on his third lap. He got his knee injured but on the bright side, we could tag along each other and I was starting to get worn out by my holster (prosthetic leg attachment).

We had a good time together talking and teambuilding over each obstacle. And after that we went into the pit to get warm and to get new warmer wetsuit on and more clothing’s.

We got warm and my stump was not in a good shape. I decided after feeling the temperature drop below minus 3 Celsius, to stay in the tent till 8 o´clock next morning.

But 8 o´clock next morning came and after a freezing night in the tent without a sleeping bag, I made the decision not to run anymore. This was indeed with mixed feelings but an

adult decision to be able to walk the next days.

The day after we had already decided not to go to the champion’s brunch, but we were still meet by fellow Mudders doing the “zombie walk” and got to exchange experiences from the race. I had trouble getting my leg on and was swollen. I don´t know why my leg was so swollen because I did more km in the OCRWC than WTM.

Michael and I decided to stay in bed and order Domino´s and this I still a standing joke that we got Domino´s Pizza for 90 dollars.

Last day and the day to go home, I had so much pain getting my leg on. I was sweating in pain to get it on! And I knew this is going to be a long journey home to Denmark and further on to Sweden.

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