World Toughest Mudder Las Vegas

One week after I’m home after running WTM (World Toughest Mudder) I’m just now starting to get all the experience and impressions I got after this journey in place in my head. And to clarify it before you read all the text, I can´t reveal how far I got, or if I reached my goal, or if I had to drop out of the race…. But I sure can say that Vegas were an experience in many ways. We arrived in Las Vegas Michael C and me on Tuesday the 7th in the afternoon after 17 hours of travel. We traveled over Oslo then waited for 3 hours before a 10,5 hours flight to Vegas. We came out to Westin Resort Lake Las Vegas, a wonderful spa resort with several pools, bubble bath and waterslides, a beach out to Lake Las Vegas with boats and kayaks. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were used to do shopping, sightseeing and shopping for food, tent, and other accessories for the WTM race. So how do you know how to buy food for 24h race?! Answer… you don´t ! You can only try to listen to the guy´s with more experience in extreme run´s but after the 24h out there I know that we all have different needs and you can only listen to yourself ! As I wrote before I can´t tell you guy´s how far I got but this I can tell you. We were called out an hour before the race started at 11:00. Out in the hot sun in the race pit for a pep talk by the WTM management and Sean Corvelle and the national anthem of USA facing the flag followed by one minutes of silence for the fallen in the terror attack in Vegas earlier this month. I think it was around 30 degrees Celsius in the sun out there and we needed a lot of water this day! In the starting area I had the photographer Mikey who were hired by SVT and ITV productions to follow my journey on this trip and race. The race started with a countdown from 10…9….8… down to 1 and Gooooooooo. And we were of all 1658 runners up a big hill to start with, with all the pit crews and spectators beside the marked lane. The first round was without obstacles to see all of it, and I dropped my leg 5 times during these 8 km / 5 miles round because of the sweat in my liner. (liner is the thing I roll on to my leg to attach my prosthetic leg) And this round was so warm and I was so happy to see the water impound half way around. As I can´t say much about the results I naturally can´t describe it round for round but I can tell you about the nighttime out there. At nightfall it was mandatory to ware headlight and a flare at the back. I went out there in the dark tired and alone with the goal just to keep on moving… waring Skins thermal tights both on upper and lower body with a “shorty” wet suit over this I slowly moved forward. The wind came in hard over the mountains so after the first 2 water obstacles I (and all others out there) were freezing their ass of because of the chill factor and the low temperature at night. My body was so chilled down that half way around this lap I had to go in to a mobile toilet just to sit down for a few minutes to get out of the freezing cold! Later on I was told that 21% dropped out that night and the usual number is 3% and a lot of the people were telling us it has been the toughest race ever. When the 24h were over and we all got back to the hotel after packing all the gear and the tent down, we all really needed a bath! After that we headed out for food at a nice Italian place down town Henderson. Everyone were so tired and were just looking forward to sleeping and back in the hotel room we popped a nice bottle of Moët Champagne to celebrate the race were over. I slept for 12 hours straight and woke up and had to go to the toilet …. I could not walk after the race so I had to crawl crap style out ….. later I were happy to see that the others were doing the same zombie walk as I … in fact all on the hotel were walking like that. Monday was champion’s brunch with awards to top 5 athletes. Denmark had 9 people running and 6 was on stage. 5th place for Ulrikke Evensen, 5th place for Michael Schjøtt (Schjutt) 5th place for the Danish team. So Denmark got to show their colors at this race. Then after this there were only packing to do and head out for the airport. First Michael C and I had to fly 9,5 hours to London and then after 3 hours in London to Copenhagen on the plane I got lucky to swap up to premium class and much better seat, food and free drinks. But what became worse was my knee and foot from the race has swollen up even more than the day after the race! I had to remove my stocking from my foot because it was hurting and I had bent my leg to get the swollenness out of my knee and had a painkiller to. It took med 2 days to get the swollenness to go away, and I decided to take 1-1,5 week of before I get back on track with the training. And I’m of to the studio I Stockholm the 10th of December to film the last of the program on SVT today in a year (idag om ett år).

13 Years After The Accident In 2004

Sitting here on the night of my accident in the couch, feeling happy after a day with my oldest girl Ella and I visited the place here in Sweden. A day I almost forgot to do something special about … Ella and I walked around the cliffs and then we finished our day at Surf Shack in the city of Lund, with great burgers and milkshakes. Some doesn’t know about what happened so I’ll go on and tell my story of that stormy night in 2004. We were on a dive trip in Kullen in Sweden, and for those who know the place, it´s hard experience to carry all this equipment down the narrow cliff paths. I wanted my students to have a great experience with focus on their diving, so I had hired a RIB-boat to transport all the tubes and weights around the cliffs to the diving spot. We arrived late afternoon, to Mölle camping where we were going to stay the weekend over. We got into the small cabins with or gear and went down to the harbor where we had to put the boat in the water. The boat was a bad ass RIB-boat (rubber boat with fiberglass bottom) and a brand new one, so everyone was excited to test it. There we stood, 4 boys ready to put the boat in the water, and even excited how it was in the water, and how fast it was. We started to back the trailer with boat to the ramp, where the boat was to be lowered into the water. We all agreed 4 before we loaded the boat with all the gear, it should just be tested on a trip. So we sailed out of the harbor and there were probably 2m high waves, which is nothing for this kind of boat if you know how to sail in that kind of waves. My experience from the Royal Danish Navy came in hand, from a myriad of rescue missions and exercises in much more rough weather. But the test went well and everyone was having fun. Now on the other hand, we had work to do… all the tubes and weights were going onboard the boat, so the student and I didn´t have to carry all the heavy dive gear down the slippery slopes. And while we were loading the boat, the first accident happened! Peter (my friend from Jutland) slid on the slippery ramp and got a dive tube over the hand in his fall, and we did not know if it was broken. We decided that Peter was better off staying on land so he and Andreas (my Swedish friend) drove the car with the rest of the equipment on the other side where the dive site was located. And Marcus (my girlfriend’s brother) and I went to the ocean to transport the gear around Kullen to the dive site Ablaham. We head on out at the sea and the wind has increased in strength, but everything is under control. As a lightning from a clear sky, a wrong wave hits us, and it gives the boat and us a good shake, so the tubes and weights, that we carefully stacked safely up, was thrown around. But no worries, I send Marcus to the end of the boat to put the tubes in place. In the horizon we can see the tip we are supposed to sail around. Soon we will get around and that means calm water, no big waves are going to cradle around there, but then it happens!!! MOTORSTOP??? What now!! This just does not happen! A thousand thoughts fly through the head like an F-16 over the sky. But I keep calm and try to start the boat again, but no results! And then I try to raise the engine to see if we had anything in the propeller. To my surprise the engine can´t be lifted up, so I have to kneel down and feel my way forward on the engine. It has to be said that now we have no motor power, and that means we can´t control the direction of the boat and now we are thrown around. And now it's up to me, what's wrong. There is a fishing line in the propeller and it is so tight that I can´t get it out. So now we're in big trouble!!! No motor power!!! We are thrown against the rocks at the speed of lightning. Now it's one of those moments where everything goes slow, minutes are going to hours, but something has to be done! And now is the time to act. I get the hold of the mobile that is in the dry suit, and I call Andreas on land. I quickly explain the situation and hope in my naivety that somebody can reach out and save us! But no, I see that we are close to now, Marcus is sitting down in the boat now, it is clear that he is afraid. Marcus is not used to be swimming, diving or sailing so the odds doesn’t look good. I command Marcus to give me the 2 lifejackets in the small compartment in front of the board console, but he is so scared and unable to find anything. At this point we are so close to the rocks that we must shout to communicate. I'm pulling Marcus away for now to find the lifejackets, and at the same time there's a big bang. We are thrown around in the boat, and all the gear with us. The tubes are leaking and I know that a wrong stroke on a high-pressure tube will make it fly like a torpedo. I get the lifejacket on and Marcus and mine on me, we'll got it on just before the next hit on the cliffs comes… BANG!!! We took the same trip around again in the boat. Now I get an idea and explain Marcus's plan to save us. But I had to scream it out to hear something. The plan was that on the next big wave we had to jump when it was at its peak just before we hit the rocks, and then crawl quickly up to safety. Right now I had Karin's (Marcus's mother) voice in the head from the day before. That Kullen was a dangerous place and she didn’t like us to going up there. I said she shouldn´t worry about it and that neither Marcus nor me would come to no harm. So right now, the only thing in my mind was that I needed Marcus to land without a scratch. The wave comes and everything goes according to plan, I say now and I jump over the rocks and start climbing, but not Marcus, because he still sits in the boat, but at the same time comes an even bigger wave and I see Marcus jump over me and up on the rocks in safety. Then it happens!! The same wave as Marcus has jumped off, leads the boat to me in like the lightning from the sky! And the front of the boat hits my left leg just below the knee. The boat weighs over 1,5 ton and with the force of the wave it brings it forward, it cuts my leg like a global knife in a beef. The next thing I know is that I fall into the water, and hit the surface like a flat stone that is perfect for smearing by the beach. Now I hang clinging to the rocks, and can hear Marcus call me that I have to climb up the cliffs to get shelter of the waves that hit me. Every wave hits my leg, which is only stuck in small threads and causing me a lot of pain. I know now that I have to get away from here, because now I know that I'm losing blood in and fast. I first try with both arms but I'm bumping my leg into the cliffs and that is getting me to feel sick of pain. So with one arm I hold tightly onto my left thigh, and the rest of the leg hangs just dangling underneath me because of the dry suit. With an arm and a leg and my back against the rocks, I climbed more elegantly to Marcus. There I put myself in place, with my head down and with both hands I squeeze around the open leg, and only now Marcus sees what has happened. I give my phone to Marcus and order him to call 112 (emergency number) and ask for a helicopter NOW! While this is going on, the rest of the people should experience this cool dive weekend, arrived at Mölle Camping and start calling me while the phone screams low battery!! There is a lot of time waiting and I'm looking for something to do a torque press on my leg that bleeds for every pulse stroke. My luck, I have a strap on the dry suit that I get tied around the leg to reduce the flow of blood. Now we just have to wait and I know that no matter what I do I just can´t fall asleep! This happens to us that physiologically, do you lose a lot of blood and fall asleep you have a great risk of dying or going in to coma. But it helps Marcus completely unharmed and to be able speech to the rescue staff on the sea rescue. We can see the seamen on the rescue boat on the sea, but they can´t get close to us. After 1½ to 2 hours the helicopter comes, and now my dreadful thought comes, is it Jørgen who comes down as a rescuer? Jørgen is a friend with whom I became an Electromechanist, who later went to the Air Force as a flight mechanic and later rescue diver at the helicopters. But no, you're lucky, someone else with the nickname Bob, for all you who do not know that all flying personnel get a nickname. Now you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, not the light that people with death experiences have, but now it's over now, doctors and other personnel are ready to take over and, as I said to myself, FUCK THE LEG I ONLY WANT TO SURVIVE. I got into the helicopter and Marcus with me, and after a few shots of morphine I remember no more here. The helicopter flies me to the hospital of Helsingborg because they couldn´t land in Copenhagen. Now after losing over 3,5 liters of blood out there and on the way in in the copper I was put in a respirator and the doctors but my leg back together a got a pulse in the leg again. But after being in saltwater for so long I got a high fever and they recommended to amputate the leg to safe my life. I was transferred to the hospital of Herlev in Copenhagen who will perform the surgery and so I could wake up were I would understand the language. 6 day´s in the respirator and an amputation I woke up to what would be my new life!

Toughest Gothenburg

5 in the morning Saturday the 7th of October and it´s time to get up make coffee and head up to Gothenburg for Toughest and the second last race of the year. Almost first on the evet place and time to look around the obstacles nearby. Running with the team today (MIT Toughteam), and ready to have fun… but I’m not really up to the race today … it´s cold, windy and clouds on the sky, and the feeling I had in Copenhagen last Saturday is just not there! On the start line with the team the music is pumping and Wally is shouting out loud in the “mike” getting MIT ready to go … 5,4,3,2,1 go !! And we are of….. I Knew before I ran this race that Gothenburg was known for mud and woods! But this tough and rough terrain got me hard. The first mud pit I tripped and fall under deep muddy water! And this meant that short time after we got in to the woods and trails were I had trouble running and getting warm in the cold wind! I struggled up high hill and down thinking “I Hate Gothenburg” Cold and weak in my mind I had trouble with the most basic obstacles along the way and had to do penalty round on the rings!! The rings I’ll never have to train or think about! But I fail 2 times on Fastlane and on time on regular rings, so I had to go way in to the muddy woods for a hard and tough penalty round. I had to fight my way all around the course cold and mentally challenged and not being able to do what I normally do …. Rely on my upper body strength! Finally I see the sign whit ramp coming up and thinking “yes my suffering is over” I see the penalty round for this is more wood and more mud! And I’m not prepared to take one more step than I have to on my way to the finish line!! I get up next to the ramp with mud almost up to my knees, and to my big surprise I see that for the first time ever there is ropes hanging down the ramp because of all the mud. I take my first go at it but slips and fail! Now I know why the ropes are here! It’s so slippery that no one is getting up! I try to climb on my knees up but fail again. No a fellow OCR runner helps me up and on to the rope… no I’m up and over! This is over I’m over the finish line cold and worn out … Took me several hours to get warm and the smile back on my face … and thinking fuck Las Vegas is in 4,5 weeks and I have a hurting leg and a holster for my prosthetic leg that doesn’t fit! So little time to go! But Toughest delivers a great race again and it was as the name Toughest! And the Toughest I’ll ever did. So the race gets 5 out of 5 and the toughness 10 out of 5!

Toughest Copenhagen

Saturday morning awake at 8 after 9 good hours of sleep, I rice up ready for one of my favorite/hate races of the year! Hate because of all of the sand along the race! Favorite because it’s my home town and great obstacles in the water! I drive over the Oresund from Sweden where I live to Kastrup and Copenhagen. Arrive at the event area with one of my partners in crime for today André “the Viking” who is known as founder of Berzerk OCR race in Helsingborg. We meet up with the rest of the happy crew and we get ready to rumble at 13:05. Today I’m in a camo kilt from 5.11 tactical and camo shirt to honor the soldiers who serve. Jess from Team Bear OCR is in camo pants and shirt, and we got André in leather kilt, Anders “The Danish Viking” painted as the pumpkin man … Jens is in the beautiful Fundracers tee, and we got Malene Meyer and Lena “Aminguak” Mathæussen to back us up! Today ITV Productions has a camera team on the spot to shoot for the program I’ll be in the spring 2018 “I dag om ett år” but there here for a real fighter and cancer survivor Sara Nilsson. Follow her on Instagram @sara.superwoman_ She runs her first Toughest after not being able to walk one year before this date! She is truly amazing and I followed her side by side most of the run, and she did more than well. But they took the chance to film us together and to shoot some stuff to my part of the program. I started out well in the beginning till we hit the heavy sand on the coastline … I really tried to keep on running in the sand but my blade are digging up more and more sand so it sucks out all of my energy in the end. Ill found myself walking along the beach feeling I am slowing down my team a lot! I can feel my “stump” is sore and is taking the pressure from running in the sand badly… so I decide to skip the log carry for unnecessary pressure on my leg. Out of the sand I got my running power back and we ad speed to the pace now. We get to one of the last obstacles and I’m on the Fastlane and got stuck with my leg in a ring that is putting a lot of pressure on my leg muscle! After that it cramps up all the way to the final ramp were I can hear Wally and Brian shouting out my name and cheering me for a go on the ramp. But getting up there trying to push it my leg cramps and it’s too slippery to try again… but my wonderful teammates has done "the human ladder" for me to climb up the ramp. Up there I’m putting down my leg to pull up all of my teammates, to the finish line and down to the photographers. After the finish it´s a lot of hugging and happy faces but the hug that meant the most was from my friend and Toughest Lab head coach Karin Henderson and the word she said to me. Thanks Karin it meant the world to me, and thanks to my teammates for a fun run and my fastest Toughest Copenhagen so far. I give toughest Copenhagen 5 out of 5 stars for the race and for the people and ocrspirit 10 out of 5 stars. Now I recharge for Toughest Gothenburg next Saturday were ill be running with my friends at MIT Tough Team in the Toughest final.

Nordic Race And After

Nordic Race Århus was a blast of a race with good friends. 3 rounds of 2 km and 25 obstacles on a motorcross field with mud and well planned obstacles! After the first run I jumped over some of the obstacles to spare my hands that were torn up at Toughest Lab the Thursday before the race. I did the penalty rounds of course and this was a pure fun run for my part. Nordic Race gets 5 of 5 stars for this race thst was perfect in hardness and skills. The Sunday was all without energy, and laid in bed all day and night watching movies. Did a session of lifting to wakeup my body today and adjusting my leg before Toughest Copenhagen on Saturday.

Almost race day in Århus Denmark

Had a fun session at Toughest Lab last night with Michael Christensen from Fundracers. but im affraid i damaged my hands in the flying monkeybars ... not a great thing to do just before Nordic Race tomorrow in Århus ! but it´s good to try racing like this before World Toughest Mudder in Vegas this november. But the car is packed an im ready to hit the road for Århus later on after work today. CAN´T WAIT TO RACE