Headspeaker At Reborn Lederborg

So excited to kick start Reborn on this Friday the 23th of April, and to meet all you guys out there at Lederborg Castle for 3 day´s of OCR party on maybe Denmark’s and the northern county´s most technical race !   I will be out on site most of this week testing the course […]

Second Half Of The Season

Second half of the season starts with me being speaker on Saturday the 10th of august at the new race Run OCR in Karlshamn Sweden. I´m driving up on Friday and will be test running the 5 km and 25 obstacles with some awesome people behind the race. It´s always good to run the race before working as a speaker (MC) so you know what the guys have to do in real life, and not just on paper. The Race has both Elite Class Men, Teams, Run for fun and kids. Ill be speaking at more races this second half of the season such as Reborn Lederborg, Reborn Prison Escape and Toughest Family Copenhagen.

Renewal Of Sponsor/Partnership

Ottobock Scandinavia has been a partner and sponsor for me the last 12 years. Once again we did a renewal of our contract together for 2018. Ottobock is the owner of the brand Rehband and they will support me with products for my OCR and Crossfit challenges. This will cover my expenses in 2018 and have that effect that I can focus on my challenges this year and not the economics ! A big thanks to Ottobook and Rehband for believing in me and supporting me.

13 Years After The Accident In 2004

Sitting here on the night of my accident in the couch, feeling happy after a day with my oldest girl Ella and I visited the place here in Sweden. A day I almost forgot to do something special about … Ella and I walked around the cliffs and then we finished our day at Surf Shack in the city of Lund, with great burgers and milkshakes. Some doesn’t know about what happened so I’ll go on and tell my story of that stormy night in 2004. We were on a dive trip in Kullen in Sweden, and for those who know the place, it´s hard experience to carry all this equipment down the narrow cliff paths. I wanted my students to have a great experience with focus on their diving, so I had hired a RIB-boat to transport all the tubes and weights around the cliffs to the diving spot. We arrived late afternoon, to Mölle camping where we were going to stay the weekend over. We got into the small cabins with or gear and went down to the harbor where we had to put the boat in the water. The boat was a bad ass RIB-boat (rubber boat with fiberglass bottom) and a brand new one, so everyone was excited to test it. There we stood, 4 boys ready to put the boat in the water, and even excited how it was in the water, and how fast it was. We started to back the trailer with boat to the ramp, where the boat was to be lowered into the water. We all agreed 4 before we loaded the boat with all the gear, it should just be tested on a trip. So we sailed out of the harbor and there were probably 2m high waves, which is nothing for this kind of boat if you know how to sail in that kind of waves. My experience from the Royal Danish Navy came in hand, from a myriad of rescue missions and exercises in much more rough weather. But the test went well and everyone was having fun. Now on the other hand, we had work to do… all the tubes and weights were going onboard the boat, so the student and I didn´t have to carry all the heavy dive gear down the slippery slopes. And while we were loading the boat, the first accident happened! Peter (my friend from Jutland) slid on the slippery ramp and got a dive tube over the hand in his fall, and we did not know if it was broken. We decided that Peter was better off staying on land so he and Andreas (my Swedish friend) drove the car with the rest of the equipment on the other side where the dive site was located. And Marcus (my girlfriend’s brother) and I went to the ocean to transport the gear around Kullen to the dive site Ablaham. We head on out at the sea and the wind has increased in strength, but everything is under control. As a lightning from a clear sky, a wrong wave hits us, and it gives the boat and us a good shake, so the tubes and weights, that we carefully stacked safely up, was thrown around. But no worries, I send Marcus to the end of the boat to put the tubes in place. In the horizon we can see the tip we are supposed to sail around. Soon we will get around and that means calm water, no big waves are going to cradle around there, but then it happens!!! MOTORSTOP??? What now!! This just does not happen! A thousand thoughts fly through the head like an F-16 over the sky. But I keep calm and try to start the boat again, but no results! And then I try to raise the engine to see if we had anything in the propeller. To my surprise the engine can´t be lifted up, so I have to kneel down and feel my way forward on the engine. It has to be said that now we have no motor power, and that means we can´t control the direction of the boat and now we are thrown around. And now it's up to me, what's wrong. There is a fishing line in the propeller and it is so tight that I can´t get it out. So now we're in big trouble!!! No motor power!!! We are thrown against the rocks at the speed of lightning. Now it's one of those moments where everything goes slow, minutes are going to hours, but something has to be done! And now is the time to act. I get the hold of the mobile that is in the dry suit, and I call Andreas on land. I quickly explain the situation and hope in my naivety that somebody can reach out and save us! But no, I see that we are close to now, Marcus is sitting down in the boat now, it is clear that he is afraid. Marcus is not used to be swimming, diving or sailing so the odds doesn’t look good. I command Marcus to give me the 2 lifejackets in the small compartment in front of the board console, but he is so scared and unable to find anything. At this point we are so close to the rocks that we must shout to communicate. I'm pulling Marcus away for now to find the lifejackets, and at the same time there's a big bang. We are thrown around in the boat, and all the gear with us. The tubes are leaking and I know that a wrong stroke on a high-pressure tube will make it fly like a torpedo. I get the lifejacket on and Marcus and mine on me, we'll got it on just before the next hit on the cliffs comes… BANG!!! We took the same trip around again in the boat. Now I get an idea and explain Marcus's plan to save us. But I had to scream it out to hear something. The plan was that on the next big wave we had to jump when it was at its peak just before we hit the rocks, and then crawl quickly up to safety. Right now I had Karin's (Marcus's mother) voice in the head from the day before. That Kullen was a dangerous place and she didn’t like us to going up there. I said she shouldn´t worry about it and that neither Marcus nor me would come to no harm. So right now, the only thing in my mind was that I needed Marcus to land without a scratch. The wave comes and everything goes according to plan, I say now and I jump over the rocks and start climbing, but not Marcus, because he still sits in the boat, but at the same time comes an even bigger wave and I see Marcus jump over me and up on the rocks in safety. Then it happens!! The same wave as Marcus has jumped off, leads the boat to me in like the lightning from the sky! And the front of the boat hits my left leg just below the knee. The boat weighs over 1,5 ton and with the force of the wave it brings it forward, it cuts my leg like a global knife in a beef. The next thing I know is that I fall into the water, and hit the surface like a flat stone that is perfect for smearing by the beach. Now I hang clinging to the rocks, and can hear Marcus call me that I have to climb up the cliffs to get shelter of the waves that hit me. Every wave hits my leg, which is only stuck in small threads and causing me a lot of pain. I know now that I have to get away from here, because now I know that I'm losing blood in and fast. I first try with both arms but I'm bumping my leg into the cliffs and that is getting me to feel sick of pain. So with one arm I hold tightly onto my left thigh, and the rest of the leg hangs just dangling underneath me because of the dry suit. With an arm and a leg and my back against the rocks, I climbed more elegantly to Marcus. There I put myself in place, with my head down and with both hands I squeeze around the open leg, and only now Marcus sees what has happened. I give my phone to Marcus and order him to call 112 (emergency number) and ask for a helicopter NOW! While this is going on, the rest of the people should experience this cool dive weekend, arrived at Mölle Camping and start calling me while the phone screams low battery!! There is a lot of time waiting and I'm looking for something to do a torque press on my leg that bleeds for every pulse stroke. My luck, I have a strap on the dry suit that I get tied around the leg to reduce the flow of blood. Now we just have to wait and I know that no matter what I do I just can´t fall asleep! This happens to us that physiologically, do you lose a lot of blood and fall asleep you have a great risk of dying or going in to coma. But it helps Marcus completely unharmed and to be able speech to the rescue staff on the sea rescue. We can see the seamen on the rescue boat on the sea, but they can´t get close to us. After 1½ to 2 hours the helicopter comes, and now my dreadful thought comes, is it Jørgen who comes down as a rescuer? Jørgen is a friend with whom I became an Electromechanist, who later went to the Air Force as a flight mechanic and later rescue diver at the helicopters. But no, you're lucky, someone else with the nickname Bob, for all you who do not know that all flying personnel get a nickname. Now you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, not the light that people with death experiences have, but now it's over now, doctors and other personnel are ready to take over and, as I said to myself, FUCK THE LEG I ONLY WANT TO SURVIVE. I got into the helicopter and Marcus with me, and after a few shots of morphine I remember no more here. The helicopter flies me to the hospital of Helsingborg because they couldn´t land in Copenhagen. Now after losing over 3,5 liters of blood out there and on the way in in the copper I was put in a respirator and the doctors but my leg back together a got a pulse in the leg again. But after being in saltwater for so long I got a high fever and they recommended to amputate the leg to safe my life. I was transferred to the hospital of Herlev in Copenhagen who will perform the surgery and so I could wake up were I would understand the language. 6 day´s in the respirator and an amputation I woke up to what would be my new life!