Partners & Sponsors


Since 2005 I have been a Ottobock ambassador, and Ottobock is my main partner and sponsor.

They manufactures prostheses in high class both for everyday life and for sports.

Since 2015 I have been a Rehband ambassador.

I use the knee and calfsleves in my OCR and Crossfit activities.


In cooperation with Reborn i´ll be present at all 3 races in 2019 as Head Speaker and Elite Briefer.

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In cooperation with Toughest i´ll be running 2 races this year to collect money for veterans in need.

I be running most of these race in Scandinavia. And Coaching Companies towards Toughest races.

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Since 2017 I have been a Xpdbls ambassador.

I use the clothes in my Crossfit activities.

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Since 2019 I have been a Nocco Brand ambassador.

I use the Nocco energy drinks in my training

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