World Toughest Mudder Las Vegas

One week after I’m home after running WTM (World Toughest Mudder) I’m just now starting to get all the experience and impressions I got after this journey in place in my head. And to clarify it before you read all the text, I can´t reveal how far I got, or if I reached my goal, or if I had to drop out of the race…. But I sure can say that Vegas were an experience in many ways. We arrived in Las Vegas Michael C and me on Tuesday the 7th in the afternoon after 17 hours of travel. We traveled over Oslo then waited for 3 hours before a 10,5 hours flight to Vegas. We came out to Westin Resort Lake Las Vegas, a wonderful spa resort with several pools, bubble bath and waterslides, a beach out to Lake Las Vegas with boats and kayaks. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were used to do shopping, sightseeing and shopping for food, tent, and other accessories for the WTM race. So how do you know how to buy food for 24h race?! Answer… you don´t ! You can only try to listen to the guy´s with more experience in extreme run´s but after the 24h out there I know that we all have different needs and you can only listen to yourself ! As I wrote before I can´t tell you guy´s how far I got but this I can tell you. We were called out an hour before the race started at 11:00. Out in the hot sun in the race pit for a pep talk by the WTM management and Sean Corvelle and the national anthem of USA facing the flag followed by one minutes of silence for the fallen in the terror attack in Vegas earlier this month. I think it was around 30 degrees Celsius in the sun out there and we needed a lot of water this day! In the starting area I had the photographer Mikey who were hired by SVT and ITV productions to follow my journey on this trip and race. The race started with a countdown from 10…9….8… down to 1 and Gooooooooo. And we were of all 1658 runners up a big hill to start with, with all the pit crews and spectators beside the marked lane. The first round was without obstacles to see all of it, and I dropped my leg 5 times during these 8 km / 5 miles round because of the sweat in my liner. (liner is the thing I roll on to my leg to attach my prosthetic leg) And this round was so warm and I was so happy to see the water impound half way around. As I can´t say much about the results I naturally can´t describe it round for round but I can tell you about the nighttime out there. At nightfall it was mandatory to ware headlight and a flare at the back. I went out there in the dark tired and alone with the goal just to keep on moving… waring Skins thermal tights both on upper and lower body with a “shorty” wet suit over this I slowly moved forward. The wind came in hard over the mountains so after the first 2 water obstacles I (and all others out there) were freezing their ass of because of the chill factor and the low temperature at night. My body was so chilled down that half way around this lap I had to go in to a mobile toilet just to sit down for a few minutes to get out of the freezing cold! Later on I was told that 21% dropped out that night and the usual number is 3% and a lot of the people were telling us it has been the toughest race ever. When the 24h were over and we all got back to the hotel after packing all the gear and the tent down, we all really needed a bath! After that we headed out for food at a nice Italian place down town Henderson. Everyone were so tired and were just looking forward to sleeping and back in the hotel room we popped a nice bottle of Moët Champagne to celebrate the race were over. I slept for 12 hours straight and woke up and had to go to the toilet …. I could not walk after the race so I had to crawl crap style out ….. later I were happy to see that the others were doing the same zombie walk as I … in fact all on the hotel were walking like that. Monday was champion’s brunch with awards to top 5 athletes. Denmark had 9 people running and 6 was on stage. 5th place for Ulrikke Evensen, 5th place for Michael Schjøtt (Schjutt) 5th place for the Danish team. So Denmark got to show their colors at this race. Then after this there were only packing to do and head out for the airport. First Michael C and I had to fly 9,5 hours to London and then after 3 hours in London to Copenhagen on the plane I got lucky to swap up to premium class and much better seat, food and free drinks. But what became worse was my knee and foot from the race has swollen up even more than the day after the race! I had to remove my stocking from my foot because it was hurting and I had bent my leg to get the swollenness out of my knee and had a painkiller to. It took med 2 days to get the swollenness to go away, and I decided to take 1-1,5 week of before I get back on track with the training. And I’m of to the studio I Stockholm the 10th of December to film the last of the program on SVT today in a year (idag om ett år).